Texas Parks and Rec that Posted Bigfoot Pics Admits to Viral Marketing Stunt

(Image credit: Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department)

(Image credit: Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department)

The Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department in Round Rock, Texas, admitted recently that Bigfoot 'evidence' found in the area by park rangers was actually part of a viral marketing campaign to promote Old Settlers Park. The campaign has culminated in the department's upcoming Expedition: Find Bigfoot event Saturday, July 15th; which will include a guided walking tour and a viewing of Harry and the Hendersons.

Supposed footage released by the department of a hairy hominid purportedly taken in Round Rock was also shown to be from a Russian video released in 2015.

Mary Zambrano, the marketing and events coordinator for Round Rock's Parks and Recreation Department, said that although the campaign was originally scheduled to last several months, the interest it generated has been sufficient to warrant revealing the marketing hoax.

Promotional videos continue to be released in advance of the Saturday event, but Zambrano insists that the campaign was not intended to mock those with a genuine interest in cryptozoology; and, in fact, they have recruited several experts on the subject to assist with educating the public about their pursuits.

"They actually reached out to us to help," said Zambrano of the Bigfoot hunters. "They will be doing a presentation prior to the movie demonstrating their equipment—sonar, night vision goggles, footprint demonstrations—in searching for Bigfoot. This is their job, and when they heard about what we were doing, they weren't upset by it or thought we were joking about their professions. They knew the point was to get the kids out."