Rescued Hikers Say They Were Chasing UFOs in Boston's Blue Hills

Boston as seen over the Blue Hills.  (Image credit:  Massachusetts Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs)

Boston as seen over the Blue Hills.  (Image credit:  Massachusetts Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs)

Three young hikers say they were seeking UFOs in Massachusetts' Blue Hills, just outside of Boston, when they became lost on Thursday, June 8th, reported the Boston Globe.  The trio were eventually led to safety by the Massachusetts State Police.  

According to one of the hikers, Ramona DiFrancesco, 18, the group saw several UFOs while in the hills, including “three bright lights in the formation of a triangle” and a giant orb that looked “bigger than the moon.”

"We came up here hoping to see some UFOs," said DiFrancesco.

"We saw a couple.  We saw some we've never seen before.  We saw this one light, well, we saw these two ships that had these bright spotlights, and then we saw this weird orb thing that was like a spotlight sort of."

The three young adults, DiFrancesco, Travis Stoecklin, and Savannah Winship-Cody, hail from Plymouth, Massachusetts, and said they climbed Buck Hill in order to enjoy the view and look for UFOs. According to the youths, they knew where they were, but decided that it would be dangerous to descend the hill in the dark, and were not aware of an alternate route down.

“Our phones were dying,” said DiFrancesco. “We didn’t have any flashlights. We were a little unprepared.”

The Massachusetts State Police received reports around 10 p.m. of a group of lost hikers in the Milton reservation, according to State Police Spokesman David Procopio.

“We sent numerous patrols along with K-9 units and a helicopter. They were believed to be in the Buck Hill area of the reservation,” said Procopio.

The trio of hikers admit that the journey in search of UFOs was a "spur of the moment idea", and that they “weren’t as prepared as we should’ve been.”

“We weighed [our] options and we decided to call for help,” said Stoecklin.

“We should’ve brought flashlights and charged our phones and maybe brought better hiking gear,” admitted DiFrancesco. “But it was overall very worthwhile because it was a beautiful hike.”

“It was very interesting, but also pretty creepy.”



Tobias Wayland