New York's Andrew Cuomo Loses Sleep Over Ghosts in Governor's Mansion

The Governor's Mansion in Albany, NY.  (Image credit: Getty Images)

The Governor's Mansion in Albany, NY.  (Image credit: Getty Images)

New York state governor Andrew Cuomo remarked recently that he is sometimes troubled by what could be spirits haunting the 182 year-old governor's mansion in Albany.  During a visit to Harlem, Gov. Cuomo stated that sometimes he's kept up at night by strange noises, but simply uses the time to read about past governors.

"It’s a creepy house. I’m a big, tough guy so I don’t get afraid of ghosts, but I’m not enamored with them anyway. So I don’t sleep much when I’m in that house because there are a lot of noises going on, and it gives me a chance to read up on past governors and what they’ve done in New York," said Cuomo.

Gov. Cuomo isn't the only New York governor to say there might be something spooky happening in the mansion.  Former governor David Paterson believes that at least one ghost could be haunting the old house.  In an interview with the New York Post, Paterson recounted a story about how he heard something smash late one night, but the staff assured him it was just the resident ghost, which some believe to be the mansion's former groundskeeper.

“Governor Cuomo should be relieved,” said Paterson. “It’s a friendly ghost, like Casper.”

News of the haunting comes only two months after Brazilian president Michael Temer moved out of that country's presidential palace amidst allegations of it being haunted.

Tobias Wayland