Residents Report Shaved Cats in Virginia

One of Maia Oden's posted warnings.  (Image credit: / Facebook)

One of Maia Oden's posted warnings.  (Image credit: / Facebook)

The police department in Waynesboro, Virginia, reported recently that seven domestic cats have been abducted and shaved since December.  They are currently investigating the complaints, which have come from multiple neighbors in the Tree Streets Inn area.  The complaints allege that the pet cats were taken, and their underbelly and/or groin area was shaved.  Capt. Kelly Walker of the Waynesboro Police Department told members of the media that all of the cats were well-groomed, had collars, and were clearly pets with owners.

According to the city of Waynesboro's Facebook page:

"Flyers have been posted that warn residents of the Tree Streets that somebody is abducting cats and shaving their abdomen and groin areas.  As bizarre as this sounds, Waynesboro Police Department Captain Kelly Walker has confirmed that they have received reports of this happening, and that they appear to be valid. The flyers were posted with his approval.  This flyer was on Maple Avenue, near Fishburne Military School and the Catholic Church, and this picture was submitted by Sarah Dawn Norris.  Our world grows stranger and stranger, with each passing day."

Maia Oden is one of the residents whose cat was shaved.  According to Oden, her neighbor's cat was similarly abducted and shaved several months ago, prior to her own cat receiving similar treatment.  

"He's real skittish and he feels really weird around people," said Oden. "And something's happened to him and so we looked and he's been shaved underneath."

Oden has since posted warning signs around the neighborhood, and is very concerned that the person responsible needs to be caught.

"Yeah, someone needs to be caught and people are more aware so they can watch for it and keep it from happening in their neighborhoods," said Oden.

Local reactions have been mixed, with some residents saying that the cats shouldn't have been outside in the first place.

"Indoor cats don't get shaved, don't get run over by cars, don't get shot at by humans, don't get exposed to disease, parasites or wild animal attacks and don't needlessly kill wildlife or spread disease themselves. It's not rocket science people. Get a clue," said one Internet commenter.

Although the police initially suspected that it might be a local resident checking to confirm that the animals had been spayed or neutered, those suspicions have been disregarded in light of the same cats receiving repeated incidents of unwanted grooming.

Tobias Wayland