Chicago Flying Humanoid Sightings Continue into May


Two more reports have surfaced regarding the strange flying humanoid said to be haunting Chicago's eastern border along Lake Michigan.  Both reports describe a large, bat-like humanoid figure flying above Calumet Park, similar to the earlier sightings reported on here and here.  The reports, submitted to UFO Clearinghouse, are in the initial stages of investigation, but rest assured we will bring you updates when available. 

The first sighting took place on April 27th, at 7:30 p.m.

I was out with my son by the banks of the Little Calumet, on the Northwestern side off of Hedgewisch Park at a spot where we have had some success catching fish in the past. It’s located by the trestle bridge that runs east to west over near 130th street. It’s a spot that takes a little effort to get to, but it has had some payoffs in catching some medium sized catfish.

It was about 7:30pm and we were packing up our gear when we heard something that sounded like train brakes when the train slowing down. The problem was there was no train going by at the moment. When the train goes by, you usually feel it going by, you also hear it as it’s pretty loud. On this day, it was quiet with the occasional sound of trucks or cars going about. We heard the sound again and saw something fly from our left toward some trees on the other side of the river. We thought it looked like a giant bird, but it was solid black. Within a minute, we heard the sound again and this thing straight up and over the trestle bridge and headed off down the river. This thing was unlike any bird we have seen in our lives. It was solid black and had to be about the size of a full grown man. It had wings that must have been 10 feet from tip to tip. It flew up and out of sight within seconds. We couldn’t really get many details as this thing flew like a literal bat out of hell and was still on the other side of the river.

We stood there and watched it fly away, I was just blown away but then my son piped up and said he had read about some giant bat sightings that have occurred in Chicago lately, maybe this was one of them. We packed up our gear and got the hell out of there as fast as we could. We didn’t want this thing to come back and see us there as we were not supposed to be there fishing in the first place. Later that night my son showed me the websites where the reports were listed and that lead me to report this sighting. I’m sorry that I couldn’t give you more details on this thing, but frankly, I thank my lucky stars that we weren’t close enough to see any details.

The second sighting was just over a week later, on May 5th, at 8 p.m.

I was out with my son at Calumet Park at about 8pm walking the trail as we have since he was about 6 years old. We were talking about what was going on within our lives and about what our plans were for the upcoming summer. As we walked toward the field house, we were overflown by what I thought was a large goose as we have seen multiple geese flying around the city and suburbs within the last couple of months.  As we watched, it quickly became apparent that this was not a goose, but something much bigger.

I can describe it as a large bat, but it had a distinct human figure about 6 feet in height per my estimates.  It was blackish/grayish in color and had an enormous pair of wings that must have been 8 to ten feet in width.  My son was in complete shock and asked me what that thing was, my response was an equally surprised “I don’t know” This bat flew up and over the Fieldhouse and toward where the tennis courts would be.  I heard a couple yell out in surprise as this bat flew up and over the Fieldhouse and out of view. The entire encounter lasted about 30-35 seconds from the initial sighting to it flying up and over the Fieldhouse and out of sight.

 I estimated the speed of this bat to be at least 40-50 MPH and it to be at least 15-20 feet above us as it was just over the top of the streetlights.  It was dusk, but the sun had just started to set so there was enough light to still get a good view of the object as it flew overhead.  I was only able to get a general description as it flew over us at speed and it prohibited getting any finer details of it. We went around the Fieldhouse and tried to see if we could see anything on the other side, but did not get any other views of this creature.  The rest of the evening went without incident and I only decided to report this after reading some reports of similar sightings within the city online.

These reports now bring the number of sightings of this bird or bat-like flying humanoid up to six over the course of only four weeks, and up to eight over the past six years if one includes the 2011 sightings which took place in the same area.  The sightings continue to take place within a narrow corridor on Chicago's east side, along the edge of Lake Michigan.  

So far, the creature or creatures remain a mystery, but some are comparing the sighting flap to that of the Mothman phenomenon of the 1960s.  Mothman haunted Point Pleasant, WV, from November 12, 1966, to December 15, 1967, and was known for his large wingspan, glowing red eyes, and propensity for suddenly appearing in front of witnesses.

Tobias Wayland