Portland, Maine to Host 2017 International Cryptozoology Conference

This year's International Cryptozoology Conference is to be held in Portland, Maine, just a half-mile away from the International Cryptozoology Museum.  The conference will be held over Labor Day Weekend, with speakers and events taking place on Sunday, September 3rd; although the International Cryptozoology Museum will be open Friday through Sunday.

The conference will focus on cryptozoology in both "scientific and popular culture," and promises "talks by vintage cryptozoologists, by infrequently heard investigators, from an innovative panel of Young Cryptozoologists, and will exclusively have the East Coast Premier screening of Small Town Monsters’ new documentary on Mothman."

Speakers include Linda Godfrey, noted writer, journalist, cryptid researcher, and expert on dogmen; Craig Wheeler, co-founder of the Texas Bigfoot Research Center, founder of Cryptomundo, and host of the Texas Bigfoot Conference; Steve Bissette, a comics artist, editor, and publisher, perhaps best known for his work on the DC comic book Swamp Thing in the 1980s; Joe Citro, a Vermont author and folklorist who has "extensively researched and documented the folklore, unexplained activity and strange happenings of New England"; Seth Breedlove, a writer, editor, producer, and director, best known for the films produced under his production company as part of the Small Town Monsters project; Paul LeBlond, an ocean scientist with an interest in marine cryptozoology--specifically Cadborosaurus; Bruce Champagne, a marine cryptid researcher who published a sea serpent proposal in the Dracontology and Elementum Bestia journals; and Chris Thompson, a former professor of cultural studies who now works as a real estate developer, Thompson  gave the introduction talk to Bates College’s Cryptozoology Symposium.

The conference is hosted by acclaimed researcher and cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, and Assistant Director of the International Cryptozoology Museum, Jeff Meuse.