Aerial Photography Project Captures Footage of Crop Circles in Gloucestershire

A still image from the video posted by MrGyro.  (Image credit:

A still image from the video posted by MrGyro.  (Image credit:

An online photography project started in 2013 by Mat Gyro, known as, has captured aerial footage of a recent crop circle that appeared in a canola oil field in Tarlton, Gloucestershire, England.  Mat and his team of like-minded amateurs rose to popularity in 2014 with a series of crop circles filmed on high-definition video by aerial drones.  Since then, they have continued filming footage of crop circles as they appear, regularly posting the videos on their website and to YouTube.

The above video was posted to YouTube on April 18th, and shows a large, central circle with two smaller, satellite circles in the field nearby.  The appearance of the circles lends itself to all manner of speculation, with explanations ranging from hoaxers to alien spacecraft.  The video itself doesn't show any evidence to point towards any particular theory, although online commenters have noted the quality of the video and site itself.

"Awesome......and obviously authentic. No human paths and a pristine site," commented one viewer.

The farmer who owns the field has yet to release a statement regarding the crop circle.

Tobias Wayland