Canadian UFO Survey Shows Record Low in Unexplained Sightings

Winnepeg-based Ufology Research recently released their 2016 UFO survey, and it showed that while UFOs continue to be reported in record numbers, the number of sightings considered "unexplained" has dropped to an all-time low of 4 percent.  Study author Chris Rutkowski attributed this to the application of careful scrutiny to the evidence available.

"Again, this is likely a result of more careful scrutiny of raw report information available," wrote Rutkowski. "Curiously, the percentage of Explained cases is likewise low, only 1.5 per cent, the lowest since 1992." 

Study author Chris Rutkowski (Image credit:

Study author Chris Rutkowski (Image credit:

The study correlated the highest number of sightings to the provinces with the largest populations, and to the warmest months of the year.  Of the 1,131 reported sightings, it found that Quebec led all other provinces with 38.5% of reported sightings, while Ontario had 26%, and British Columbia had 17%.  37.7% of all reported sightings occurred in June, July, or August of 2016.  The correlation to warmer weather and UFO sightings is consistent with similar findings recently published in a study of UFO sightings in the USA

Lights in the sky were by far the most numerous shape reported, comprising 57% of all reported sightings, while 9% were described as balls, 5% as fireballs, 4% as triangles, 3% as cigars, and 4% as 'flying saucers.'

Also of note is the inversion of cases classified as Probable or Possible Explanation and those classified as Insufficient Information.  

"In 2015, Probable cases represented 66 per cent of the total and Insufficient cases were 20 per cent, whereas in 2016, the percentages flipped, with Probable cases at 21 per cent and Insufficient cases at 74 per cent," noted Rutkowski.

He explains this as a result of "a more rigorous evaluation process during data entry in 2016, objectively assessing the amount of information available for review in the reports."

Sources for UFO reports in 2016 included several civilian Canadian UFO organizations, major USA-based groups such as MUFON and NUFORC, cases reported directly to Ufology Research, and also Canadian government agencies. 



Tobias Wayland