Cemetery Tree Burns from Inside Out

A still from the video shot by Jim Probst.

A still from the video shot by Jim Probst.

Jim Probst recently filmed this video of a tree burning from the inside out in a cemetery near his home.  Probst was taking a walk the morning after a sizable storm had struck the area, when he stumbled upon the strange sight.  

"I got up about 5:30 to get the dog ready for a walk but saw the smoke out in the cemetery and left the dog in the yard, walked over and well, you see what I saw in the video," said Probst.  "There was bark shed off in the grass, and I knew that's from a lightning strike."

Probst shared the video on Facebook, prompting some to remark that they saw faces in the tree as it burned.

"Hummm... who's buried in there?" asked one man on social media.

The burning tree didn't scare Probst, since he immediately recognized the signs of a lightning strike.  He said he is most surprised by the response the event received in the media.

"The news craze around it has been more shocking than the lightning!" exclaimed Probst.

Tobias Wayland