Family Suspects Spirit Caused Door to Shake on Naval Ship

A still of the USS Lexington taken from the KIII broadcast.

A still of the USS Lexington taken from the KIII broadcast.

Channel 3 news in Corpus Christi, TX, recently reported on a family that recorded video of a door slamming shut while on a tour of the USS Lexington.  There was no indication that a living person was responsible for the event, according to the Morales family.

"I was still in shock," said father and husband Abel Morales.  "I've never seen anything ghosts, or anything paranormal in my life."

The Morales family.

The Morales family.

The naval ship's Director of Operations, Rusty, supported the family's story.

"We've had hundreds of sightings," said Rusty.  "I mean hundreds."

"I mean we've had people leave the ship upset."

He's even had his own paranormal encounter involving a door on the ship.

"Someone had taken that doorknob and was just pulling on that door making a ton of noise," he said.  "I grabbed the doorknob and I opened it, and there was no one there."

Rusty isn't the only crew member to believe that something strange is going on aboard the USS Lexington.  The ship's electrician, Ernest, had a paranormal experience of his own.

"It looked real," said  Ernest.  "I see this guy in uniform go across the passageway here, right through the wall."

Several soldiers have died aboard the ship over the years, and individuals have reported hearing phantom voices, screams, and cries; strange, discomforting feelings; and even full-body apparitions like the one seen by Ernest.

The television show Ghost Hunters did an episode on the USS Lexington in their third season, and claimed to have captured evidence that would appear to corroborate some of the experiences listed above.  A recap of that episode is available here.

Tobias Wayland