Paranormal Host Sees Mystery Shadow During Show

A still image taken at 1:21 into the video.

A still image taken at 1:21 into the video.

David Schrader, host of the paranormal podcast Beyond the Darkness, claimed recently to have seen a mysterious, shadowy figure reflected in the lens of guest MJ Meyers' glasses.

"While video chatting with my guest I continued to see what appeared to be a Shadow Person reflecting in her glasses," said Schrader.  "So at the end of the episode I began to video her and think I caught a face." 

Meyers confirmed that there was no one else in the room with her at the time.

Reactions to the video have been mixed, with some online viewers claiming to see a definite shadow person, while others see nothing but an interesting interplay of natural light and shadow.

 "I saw it," said one commenter.  "Definitely looks like a face and then shadow figure in the background."

 "I saw light reflecting off the lens of her glasses, intermingling with shadows on the contours of her face," said another.

The full podcast interview can be found here.

Tobias Wayland