Georgia Teen Snaps Selfie with Spirit

Teenage Haley, who snapped the supposedly supernatural selfie.

Teenage Haley, who snapped the supposedly supernatural selfie.

The mother of a Georgia teen says that her daughter was photobombed by a ghost while on a fishing trip with her brother and grandparents.

Jessica Ogletree posted the above picture of her daughter Haley to Facebook on February 25th.

"This picture was taken by my 13 year old daughter earlier today at Paradise (the fishing place) in Tifton, Ga. Notice my son Kolton in the background and then notice the gentleman standing to his right!!!" writes Oglebee.  "Ya'll this gentleman was NOT with them today and there was no one else at these back ponds where they were fishing!" 

The photo is currently making the rounds on the Internet, with no small amount of ensuing speculation.  Commenters have flocked to Facebook to express their opinion on the photo's veracity.  

"You see the dashboard up above that is being reflected by the back window? Notice the slightly lighter Square around the black guy. It's from a screen (maybe a guy is sitting at the front watching something on his phone) that is being reflected on the back window. It's actually two guys being shown on that screen if you look closely," writes Linh Le.

Others, like Emily Leann Blunt, believe the mysterious figure could be otherwordly.

"There is definitely a man there. Not sure why or how, but it's real," wrote Blunt.

Other possible explanations, according to those who commented, range from guardian angels, to a double exposure or Photoshop.  

Tobias Wayland