SheSquatchers Form First All-Female Team in Midwest to Search for Sasquatch

The team's logo.  

The team's logo.  

A team of Bigfoot hunters comprised entirely of women has been formed in Minnesota.  They operate mostly out of northern Minnesota and North Dakota, and according to their website, the team, who refer to themselves as the SheSquatchers, are a "group of women in Minnesota and North Dakota  who are on a quest to obtain credible evidence of Bigfoot & ultimately establish first contact & peaceful interaction with Sasquatch."  The idea for the women-only Sasquatch hunting organization came after an interview with Loren Coleman wherein he stated a woman would be the first person to make contact with Bigfoot.

"While interviewing cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman, for my weekly radio show on - Loren said he believes that a woman will be the first to have real interaction with Bigfoot," said team leader Jen Kruse. "This inspired Steph, Kim & myself to form this SheSquatchers team & it's been an exciting adventure already!"  

The SheSquatchers are lead by Jen Kruse, a "natural-born healer, psychic medium & animal communicator"; Stephanie Ayres, a paranormal investigator and self-described "intuitive sensitive"; and Kimberly Juarez, who has had an interest in Bigfoot since viewing the Patterson-Gimlin footage in 1967.    

The team is rounded out by an eclectic group of four women, all of whom share an interest in Bigfoot.  Only one member, Nikki Jourdain, has a background in science, while the other women are said to be largely "intuitive" in their investigative style. 

The women are currently preparing to hold two talks regarding their experiences on Saturday, February 18th, in Mahnomen and Bena Minnesota.  Details are available on their website.

Tobias Wayland