Boy Inspires Senator to Introduce Bill Making Bigfoot Washington's Official Cryptid


Republican Senator Ann Rivers of La Center, Washington, has introduced a bill to make Bigfoot the state's official cryptid creature.  Inspired by a handwritten letter she received from a young boy in her district, the senator is using State Bill 5816 as a way to get young people engaged in government.  

“Anything I can do to get young people interested and engaged in governmental systems, I’m going to be about,” said Sen. Rivers.

Bigfoot also has a personal connection to the senator, who stated her own sons were interested in the subject when they were young.

"When our two sons were little they were fascinated with Sasquatch. The letter I received from my young constituent made it clear that children are still captivated by Sasquatch, or Bigfoot. Why not encourage a young person who has engaged with his government and at the same time give some formal recognition to this unique part of our state's folklore?" asked the senator.  

"I am certain that Sasquatch, the most eminent and recognizable cryptid in North America, is a native Washingtonian. And being an official state symbol has to be a big step up from being in television commercials for beef jerky."

Tobias Wayland