Bigfoot Crossroads of America to Host 1st Annual Nebraska Bigfoot Conference

Official event logo taken from the 1st Annual Nebraska Bigfoot Conference's Facebook page.

Official event logo taken from the 1st Annual Nebraska Bigfoot Conference's Facebook page.

The Bigfoot Crossroads of America, led by Harriett McFeely, is hosting the 1st annual Nebraska Bigfoot Conference at the C3 Hotel and Convention Center in Hastings, Nebraska, from February 17th-18th.  McFeely credits her interest in Bigfoot to the footprints sighted by Sir Edmund Hillary on Mount Everest in 1953, and the Patterson-Gimlin film of 1967.  According to her bio, after seeing those she was "hooked for life," and has spent the greater portion of her life since interested in Bigfoot research.  Having become more involved with Bigfoot research as an adult, it is McFeely's hope that she can inspire a love of the unknown in young and old alike.

"It is my hope that having a Nebraska Bigfoot Conference will provide education and increase interest not only in the Sasquatch, but also in all of the mysteries and challenges of our natural world," says McFeely.  " I believe that, for all ages, but especially for our young people; being outdoors and learning about unknown species is very important. Being in nature will enrich their everyday lives, empower them to experience the natural environment, and channel their creative energy into scientific exploration."

Fellow conference coordinator Robin Roberts is an investigator for Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies, and has spoken at several Bigfoot meetings and school-aged classrooms.  In addition, she has regularly lead school-aged children on annual "Looking for Bigfoot" field trips in Colorado since 2013.

Conference speakers include Lyle Blackburn, an author and cryptid researcher from Texas; David Ford and Stuart Miller, producers of the movie: "Something in the Woods"; Mike Johnson of Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies; Scotty Plowman, a Missouri Bigfoot Researcher and Musician; and conference coordinator Robin Roberts.

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