'Time Traveler' Arrested for Public Intoxication in Wyoming

Bryant Johnson (Image credit: Casper Police Department)

Bryant Johnson (Image credit: Casper Police Department)

According to KTOW, a man in Casper, Wyoming, was arrested October 2nd for public intoxication after claiming to be a time traveler from the future who was in the present to help people.

Casper police officers found Bryant Johnson at a local residence with a blood alcohol level of .136. Johnson claimed that he was from the year 2048, and had returned to warn the people of Casper of an imminent alien invasion that would happen next year, and that they should evacuate; a message he demanded he be able to deliver to the president of the town.

Johnson admitted that he was drunk, telling the officers that he is only able to time travel after having aliens fill him with alcohol, while standing on a giant pad.  The pad was supposed to transport him to the year 2018, but he was mistakenly sent to 2017.

Police noted that Johnson's eyes were watery and bloodshot, his speech slightly slurred, and that he smelled of alcohol.

Johnson was then arrested for public intoxication, after it was determined that he could not care for himself and was causing a disturbance in the emergency room.

Tobias Wayland