Red-eyed, Winged 'Goblin' Seen in Chicago's Little Village Radiated 'Evil' According to Witness


A report was recently submitted to Manuel Navarette of UFO Clearinghouse which stated a family in Chicago's Little Village was accosted September 24th by a red-eyed, winged "goblin," which radiated a sense of "evil," as though it was "sent to do harm to someone."

"We were walking home from Sunday evening mass and were walking our usual route up Drake Avenue toward our house. As we walked we noticed what looked like a very tall man dressed in black standing out in the middle of the road underneath a street light. We didn’t pay it much attention as we assumed that it was just a regular person in the road and wearing black clothing. The man then stretched his arms up above his head and it looked like he was stretching and suddenly, a pair of very large wings stretched out from behind him they must have been over 10 feet wide and were solid black. Even though this man was standing under a street light, there was not a lot of detail to this man.

As we walked closer, we noticed that the man turned and walked, more like hopped toward the sidewalk ahead of us. It was then that it turned toward us and we saw that it had a pair of glowing red eyes. My mother uttered the words “Madre de Dios” and crossed herself and then said to us that it looked like a Duende, which is the Spanish word for a Goblin. We stopped and I stood in front of my mom trying to shield her.

The man then made a loud screech and then it opened its wings and shot up in the air. You could hear the sound of wings flapping as it rose up in the air and passed over us and out of sight as it continued flying down the street and out of sight.  My mother was visibly shaking and was praying when I turned back to her. We reassured her that it was over and the thing was gone, I asked my brother to help me walk her the rest of the way home.

When we got home, my brother said that my mother told him that she could feel a strong sense of evil coming from this thing. She was certain that this thing was sent to do harm to someone and that she felt sorry for whoever it was sent after. I am certain that whatever it was that we saw, it was not a bird but something from outside of this world."

Navarette was able to speak to both of the brothers involved in the encounter, one of whom initially made the report.  The mother, who had felt a "strong sense of evil" coming from the creature, was unwilling to speak to Navarette, but did provide additional details of the sighting through her son.

"I talked to the eldest brother, the one making the report and he stated that he had heard from others about the sightings and that he could report it to UFOCH from a flyer posted at a local grocery store," said Navarette.  "I spoke on two occasions with him and then once to the younger brother regarding their sighting.  The third witness was unwilling to speak with me in regard to her sighting but did provide details via her eldest son. Both siblings were able recall their sightings in detail and both gave similar details when interviewed separately. Neither of the witnesses embellished upon their sighting and neither witness contradicted the others the testimony."

"When I asked if either one would accompany me back to the spot of the sighting, I was told that they would accompany me, but would only do it during the daylight hours and would absolutely not do it after dark. It was apparent that both witnesses were very shaken up and that they believe that what they saw was real. It is the investigators opinion that this sighting is valid and the witnesses are credible and this sighting warrants further investigation. The proximity of the sighting to other reported sightings also warrants further investigation and follow up with all witnesses."

This is the fifth sighting of a frightening flying humanoid to be reported in the Little Village neighborhood in September of 2017.  All of the sightings in Little Village have taken place in the late evening or at night.  The neighborhood is less than five miles from Lake Michigan, which is well within the zone around the great lake that seems to spawn the most sightings.

This is the latest in a string of flying humanoid sightings reported in the Chicago area.  Most of the sightings have taken place near the lakefront within a few miles of Lake Michigan, although there are some reports coming from the suburbs surrounding Chicago.  The sightings generally take place in the evening or at night, often in or near a park and around water, and witnesses consistently describe a large, bat or bird-like creature with humanoid features; although in one case the creature was reportedly "insect-like." 

UFO Clearinghouse also offered the following plea to witnesses who may be concerned with being identified publicly.

"This is a plea to any witnesses that have had similar encounters in the Little Village neighborhood. You are assured that your report and your identity will remain anonymous if you so wish. The information gathered here will be purely for research purposes into these sighting and will not be shared with anyone else outside of the UFO Clearinghouse research team and will NOT be shared with any governmental or law enforcement agencies."

"Esta es una súplica a los testigos que han tenido encuentros similares en el vecindario de Little Village. Usted está seguro de que su informe y su identidad permanecerán anónimas si así lo desea. La información reunida aquí será puramente para propósitos de investigación en estas observaciones y no será compartida con nadie más fuera del equipo de investigación de UFO Clearinghouse y NO será compartida con ninguna agencia gubernamental o de aplicación de la ley."

Please see below for a link to UFO Clearinghouse's contact page.

To report a sighting, contact Lon Strickler at or call him directly at 410-241-5974; fill out UFO Clearinghouse's contact form to get in touch with Manuel Navarette; or reach out to us directly at The Singular Fortean Society through our contact page.

You can view a timeline of the sightings so far here, and an interactive map here.

Tobias Wayland