Paranormal Investigator Visits Sun Prairie Public Library

Paranormal investigator Terry Fisk speaking about haunted areas in Wisconsin.

Paranormal investigator Terry Fisk speaking about haunted areas in Wisconsin.

Paranormal investigator Terry Fisk of Unexplained Research visited the public library in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, last night to talk about his work researching ghosts and hauntings in a presentation titled Wisconsin Ghosts and the Afterlife

Fisk explained that his interest in the paranormal came after taking a photograph of a family tombstone that showed an unexplained fog.

"I can't explain it to you, except it's a ghost," Fisk said he was told by a photography expert who examined the picture.

Since then, Fisk said he has been investigating the unexplained, often alongside popular mediums and psychics like Allison DuBois and Chip Coffey.

Fisk touched on his work with DuBois and Coffey, including investigations they performed in Tombstone, Arizona, and Deadwood, South Dakota.  He also spent some time detailing his refutation of skeptics like James Randi, Mary Roach, and comedic illusionists Penn & Teller.

The presentation's main focus was on hauntings local to Wisconsin, including two in Madison--the Wonder Bar, in which witnesses claim to have seen pictures fall off of the walls, chairs move on their own, and items fly off of shelves, along with full-body apparitions of a man dressed as an early twentieth century gangster, and a red-haired woman; and the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Memorial Union, where it is said the clocks on the second floor mysteriously move backwards when the apparition of a woman appears.

Perhaps the investigator's spookiest story came from Rock Island, which he visited with fellow investigator Chad Lewis.  They were in total darkness outside of the Potawatomi Lighthouse with nothing but a failing flashlight when they heard a door slam from within.  The two waited to see if perhaps it was the wind, but when they heard the same sound a minute later, they noticed that the air was still.  Later that night, the investigators heard footsteps outside of their tent, said Fisk.

"Normally on these investigations I'm not creeped out," he admitted. "But on this island I was creeped out."

Fisk and investigative partner Chad Lewis collaborated to publish The Wisconsin Road Guide to Haunted Locations in 2004, signed copies of which were available for sale after the event.  

Tobias Wayland