Smashing Pumpkins Front Man Shares Paranormal Stories on Howard Stern

William Patrick Corgan.

William Patrick Corgan.

William Patrick Corgan, the former Smashing Pumpkins front man who used to go by Billy, recently appeared on The Howard Stern Show to speak about, among other things, several paranormal experiences he's had.  

While speaking with Stern, Corgan shared how he felt the spirit of David Bowie was with him while he was writing the song "Zowie" for his latest album. 

"When I was writing the song, the opening chord sequence reminded me of, like, the kind of chords David [would use] … he’d do a lot of weird inversions,” Corgan said in the interview. “He was just in the air and so he kind of rode shotgun with me when I was writing this song.”

That wasn't the only supernatural story Corgan shared during the interview.  He spoke, too, about the sighting of an apparition his girlfriend had while he was working on his upcoming book.  Corgan had inadvertently deleted a portion of the book, and went to tell his girlfriend.  At the same time, she saw a ghostly figure walking across their kitchen that looked like William's mother at age 25, and was coming to tell Corgan.

“It was like this weird ripple in time thing,” said Corgan.

Perhaps most strangely, when the topic of Alex Jones and Reptilians was brought up, the musician recounted to Stern how he had seen a person change form.  Corgan was reluctant to share significant details about the story, but insisted he was sober during the event.  He did say that the person in question was not a celebrity.

“Let’s just say I was with somebody once and I saw a transformation that I can’t explain," Corgan told Stern.

“Imagine you’re doing something, you turn around and suddenly there’s somebody else standing there.”

Corgan said that the being acknowledged him, but would not explain its true nature.

“It’s a really messed up story,” he said. “It’s up there with one of the most intense things I’ve ever been through.”

Tobias Wayland