Haunted Hotel Houses World's Largest Ouija Board

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The 130-year-old haunted Grand Midway Hotel in Windber, Pennsylvania, now hosts the world's largest Ouija board.  Built by film maker and owner Blair Murphy, along with the help of eight artists, the oversize Ouija board rests on the building's roof and is visible on Google maps.  

“The hotel roof was this massive blank canvas just waiting for the perfect project to present itself,” said Murphy, “A Ouija world record roof was a perfect match for our place.” 

The hotel houses only a few invite-only guests, but still receives attention as a haunted site.  According to Murphy, inspiration for the giant board came after the hotel owner and his girlfriend Camille Zamboni decided to use their own Ouija game to see if they could summon any spirits.

"Things flipped out throughout the hotel.  Energies were swirling.  Guests were getting completely freaked out,” said Murphy. “It seemed to kick things up into an entire new level of paranormal activity.  We were seeing floating people and hearing voices and even the hotel pets were flipping out and reacting to unseen forces. Our dreams were pretty wild.  And it wasn't just us.  Other longer-term hotel residents were saying ‘there is absolutely something going on here’ and having their own middle of the night weird encounters.”

After that event came the creation of the record-holding Ouija board, which measures 121.01 m² (1,302.54 ft²).  Murphy is reportedly extremely proud to hold the record, saying "We all used to love to gaze at the Guinness Records Books as children!  Who didn't!?”

Source: Guinness World Records

Tobias Wayland