Bigfoot Trail Intrigues Tracker in North Dakota

Experienced tracker Christopher Bauer of Ellendale, North Dakota, believes he has found evidence of Bigfoot.  Bauer began following an unusual set of tracks last Christmas after a family friend saw an unusual creature outside of her kitchen window.

"She described him as a huge, hairy, ugly monster and I guess that kind of describes it, if a Sasquatch is looking through the window at you, that's how I'd describe him, too," said Bauer.

Bauer says he found 18 by 8 inch footprints in the area of the sighting, and that he was able to follow them for more than seven miles before they eventually disappeared into the hills.

"Picked up the trail down that way about 20-yards in, right in the open and then crossed the highway and made his way to the hills, I think," said Bauer.  "He has a four foot stride and when he hits, he makes a deep impression. So it really wasn't hard to track him, it really wasn't."

Bauer is doubtful that people will believe him, but he's convinced the tracks weren't a hoax and that there is no available explanation to explain the tracks outside of an unknown hominid.  Photographs taken at the scene were sent to the University of Idaho for study, where a local professor and 'bigfoot expert' described them as promising.

"It's a bigfoot, sasquatch, gigantopithecus, whatever you want to call him," said Bauer.  "He's a real animal, he's here and I want people to know."

Source: Grand Forks Herald

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