Mystery Plane Over Denver Identified By Navy

The mystery plane that baffled eyewitnesses in Denver last Wednesday has been identified.  The assistant public affairs officer for Commander Naval Air Forces, Lt. Leslie Hubbell, confirmed the plane's identity as a Navy E-6B Mercury.  The E-6B is a large, hi-tech plane designed and produced by Boeing at a cost of $141.7 million per unit.  The stated purpose of such an aircraft is to reliably deliver intercontinental ballistic missiles and communicate with diverse assets, such as nuclear submarines.  According to the Navy, this particular plane was put in a holding pattern over Denver by the FAA while heading from its forwarding base in California back to Tinker Air Force Base, where it is serviced and housed.

While the Navy insists that the warplane was simply headed back to its home base, an anonymous, high-ranking source claims it was out on a classified training mission.  The purpose of said mission is unknown at this time.

Source:  Denver 7 News

Tobias Wayland