The Greys

Although strange, skinny beings with large heads have existed in mythology and fiction since the advent of storytelling, it was Whitley Strieber’s Communion that gave us the iconic image by which we now recognize those nefarious alien nuisances known as the greys. Defined by their bulbous craniums, diminished facial features, and large, slanted, almond-shaped black eyes, the greys have become firmly entrenched in popular culture. They are perhaps best known for their perpetration of the classic alien abduction, wherein they kidnap an unwitting individual from their car on a lonely road at night, or the seeming safety of their bed. A number of motives have been ascribed to the evil extraterrestrials' actions, from zoological experimentation to an elaborate demonic ruse being played on mankind, and often the theories surrounding their behavior ties them conspiratorially to our own government. The truth behind these stories of cosmic kidnappers harassing the people of our planet may remain hidden, but one thing is for sure—the destiny of the greys seems inextricably linked to our own.