I grew up very poor on farms and in back country homes around Buffalo Missouri. And I loved it. I'm a bit of a throwback because of my upbringing. We tended to be a few years behind other families when it came to the newest thing, but I've always had a love for art, reading, and writing. I wrote my mom a poem before I started school about loving her as big as a pink whale, and drew a picture of a pink whale to go with it.

Art and the written word are my addiction. Even when I go a while without them I always crawl back looking for another fix. I want to believe in magic and that's what draws me to cryptid art, and the stories that go with most of these creatures and legends feed my soul. I have zero experiences, however—not even a ghost story.

I love the human connection to what's in the dark and unknown. I'm also your average guy, I'm a father of two, I love hockey (go Hawks), I coach football and baseball, I'm a country boy, and I love to fish. I also just try to be a good person, and keep a very open mind to what others experience in this odd world.



(Willard, MO)

  • Professional Affiliation: Pulp Affliction Art

  • Education: Self taught

  • Medium & style: Stylus and Sketchbook Pro, style varies: cartoon, comic, and portrait art are the most common