I started drawing as soon as I was old enough to hold a pencil. Most of my childhood was spent drawing and painting wildlife. I am proud to be entirely self-taught.

I like to use many different mediums from charcoal to digital. I have done commission work including pets, portraits and book covers.

I love to bring to life portraits of a paleoanthropological nature and to illustrate my cryptozoological interests. And I like a little humour in some of my Art.

I am and have always had an interest in things beyond the norm. I regularly study a wide range of subjects that include spirituality, psychology, metaphysical ability and anomalous experience. If I was more specific with the list it would be almost endless.


(Shaftesbury, Dorset)

  • Professional Affiliation: N/A

  • Education: Self taught

  • Medium: The mediums I use most are charcoal and digital but I also use pencil, pastel, acrylic and colour pencil.

  • Style: Realism

  • Accolades: I did the cover illustration for Christopher Noel's book 'Next of Kin, Next Door'. Some of my work is on Deborah Hatswell's website britishbigfootsightingreports.com.