Although I have been an artist my entire life, I have only been working in my current style since September 2017. That is also when I began doing freelance work, specializing in paranormal, cryptid and UFO-related artwork. My projects include book covers, posters, trading cards and promotional material.



  • Professional Affiliation: Mark Randall: Creative Artist

  • Education: Self-taught.

  • Medium & style: Mixed Media

  • Prints and posters of art are sold at these locations:

    • Mothman Museum- Point Pleasant, West Virginia

    • Flatwoods Monster Museum- Sutton, West Virginia

    • Expedition Bigfoot- Blue Ridge, Georgia

    • Whitley County Visitors Center- Columbia City, Indiana

  • Book Cover Design:

    • UFO Contact at Pascagoula- Charles Hickson and William Mendez

    • UFO Case Files of Scotland: Volume 2- Malcolm Robinson

    • Traveler- Kerry Trent Haggard & Johnny Dale Cochran II

    • Once Upon a Missing Time- Philip Mantle

    • Close Encounters at Kelly and Others of 1955- Isabel Davis and Ted Bloecher

    • Pascagoula: The Closest Encounter- Calvin Parker

    • The Road to Pascagoula- Stefanos, Panagiotakis