Photography has intrigued me since I was a little girl. Even though I now understand the “science” of capturing an image, it still invokes a sense of wonder in me. Digital photography opened up a new world with the ability to control and edit. The majority of my images are shot with my DSLR, but, for me, real happiness is my old Polaroid 100 and the beautiful accidents that occur with peel apart film. 

When I take an image of an old building or southern landscape, I like to imagine it in another time, before it was forgotten. I like to “see” the ones who have been there before. Through digital manipulation, I’ve been able to let those scenes come to life again in a realistic medium. I would describe my photographs as somewhat dark and melancholic in nature—I can spend hours in an old graveyard. But I’m also drawn to feral flowers, trees, and landscapes. Things that were loved in the past and are now claiming what were once human spaces, the ruins of a human ecology. 

Even with lighter subject matter, I enjoy using my own textures with editing techniques to create a feeling of age and nostalgia, and a perspective of impermanence—unless I am shooting with my old Polaroids, in which case the film and camera does the work for me!  

I also admit—I simply love that spooky feeling I get from an abandoned place, and I like to have a little bit of good, clean, ghostly fun creating my images! 



(Columbia, SC)

  • Professional Affiliation: Kim Deslandes Photography and Digital Art

  • Education: Self taught

  • Medium & style: Photography and Photographic manipulation - Southern Abandonment and Decay, Southern Gothic, Memento Mori and Ghost Stories.

  • Exhibition Record: Kim has shown her work in galleries and collaborative shows local to Columbia, SC.