I’m Eddie Webb, an illustrator and designer based in Buckinghamshire.

Every illustrator has a passion for their craft, that’s obvious, so what can I say about my love for creating that hasn’t been said before?

I don’t illustrate just because I love doing it, I am compelled to get this creativity inside my head out into the real world. I started out as a traditional pen and paper illustrator, but as time went on that didn’t feel enough for me. Now I take flat pieces of fabric and let them form these little lives. I build little worlds for them to run around in and I hope they have as much fun in there, as I have making them.

While I revel in the challenge of illustrating any topic, when I'm just illustrating for myself, I love to create the paranormal and in particular cryptids. In a world that's pretty ordinary, they're the last thing that feels a little bit extraordinary.

I graduated with a 2:1 from De Monfort University in Graphic Design and Illustration in 2015 and from then, was employed as a copywriter and office manager for a design business in Leicester. I still work as a freelance illustrator and continue to experiment with fabrication. All the while building on my skills and materials.


(Buckinghamshire, UK)

  • Education: Graphic Design and Illustration BA(Hons)

  • Medium & style: 'A Tim Burton / Oliver Postgate mashup' I illustrate by building miniature sets and photographing them, using any medium I can find.