My name is Bruce Dean. I am one of four founders of an educational, arts non profit called MetaFour. However I have no other professional affiliations beyond that at this point.

I received my MFA from Otis Art Institute in 1974, with a major in painting and a minor in drawing.  Otis followed the academy style of art education. In our first year we learned to draw and sculpt the figure, as well as being limited to painting with four colors: one cool, one warm, and black and white. Our last two graduate years we were given studios and had visits from advisors, while taking perhaps one class each semester.

 Upon leaving school, despite having mostly specialized in abstract painting, I became an illustrator because it was a way to make a living with the skill set I had developed at Otis. I worked primarily in Los Angeles for clients like The National Football League, Psychology Today Magazine, The Rose Bowl, The City of San Francisco Bank of America, RKO radio...the list is long. At the same time I was making abstract paintings for myself. One day I met an art consultant that asked to sell my abstracts. She introduced me to a gallery. From that point on, for at least 2 decades I split time as an illustrator and abstract painter. I was also asked to be the artist and art director for an on-line game, called Imperial Wars, an epic space opera for which the art was created digitally. I have worked for over 40 years as an exhibiting artist, editorial, corporate and advertising illustrator and international poster artist.

At this stage in my career, I am primarily an abstract painter. Illustration is a younger person's game; I paint in oils on canvas or panel. However, I do drawing projects because I love to draw. Several years back I created a series of bird drawings, and had a show of extinct bird drawings. In the last couple of years I haves done over 60 author portraits, reproductions of which have sold in libraries and bookstores. My current drawing project is the Presumptive Bestiary of the Fabulous: a compendium of mythical creatures from cultures around the world. My drawings are always in graphite with the occasional addition of pastels

 I have also taught advanced painting at Mount St Mary's College for several years, Art Exploration in the academic enrichment program at Cal State University Northridge for over a decade, and Game Art at Otis College of Art and Design.

 I am a Los Angeles native. I live and work in the oldest and largest art colony in the United States called the Brewery, just east of downtown Los Angeles. There are over 300 live/work studios here and it has been an artist colony for close to 40 years after having been a Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer plant.

We have twice yearly art walks at the Brewery. One weekend in the fall and one in the spring, during which the public is invited to walk through our homes and work spaces. I also have frequent tours that visit the studio.

Presumptive Bestiary is a project that I am co-producing with my son. He has a PHD in literature and is a Victorian scholar. He developed the project, does the research and the writing and is the primary art director.



(Los Angeles, CA)

  • Professional Affiliation: Bruce Dean Art, Presumptive Bestiary, MetaFour (educational nonprofit for the arts)

  • Education: MFA, Otis Art Institute

  • Medium & style: Drawing and painting

  • Exhibitions and Accolades: As an illustrator, I received silver medals from the Society of Illustrators and numerous awards from various national and international publications. I have participated in over thirty solo and group gallery exhibitions nation-wide. My work includes projects funded by grants from the Department of Education and the Foundation for Global Community.