I was not the most robust youth. A series of illnesses and Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis often kept me from many physical activities, and I filled my days with novels of fantastic places, Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, and sketchbooks full of creatures that lurk at the edge of vision between waking and dream. As an adult I pursued a career in tattooing, and dedicated all of my time and energy of the last 14 years to honing my technical skills associated with that craft. In 2014 I founded the Midwest's first all-female tattoo studio, Jackalope Tattoo.

In my mid thirties I began to suspect something was missing from my work, when a handsome acrobat filled that void by swinging into my life, and sweeping me off my feet and into the world. After the successful Kickstarter funding of my first book, "A Field Guide to Dragons, Serpents, and Wyrms of the World" I had found my new calling: I sold my business and everything I owned, ran away with the circus, and turned to book-making and painting full time.

I began to paint more than I ever had before, and discovered that motion and travel has brought new inspiration. These paintings have taken on a life of their own, clattering around rowdily in the background until they can hatch onto paper. They can’t wait to get out. They can’t wait to have some adventures of their own. They can't wait to meet you.



(La Ventana, Baja California Sur)

  • Professional Affiliation: A Field Guide to: Dragons, Serpents and Wyrms of the world, and A Field Guide to: Unicorns & Mythic Beasts of Hoof and Horn, A Field Guide to: Merfolk and Curious Creatures of the Littoral zone (forthcoming 2019)

  • Education: Mainly self-taught, and 14 years of painting and tattooing professionally.

  • Medium & style: Watercolor. Whimsical and illustrative.