Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil is a creature said to reside in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, but tales of the beast have come from all of the states bordering the expansive wilderness of stunted pine trees and acidic soil, known for its orchids and carnivorous plant life.  This devilish monstrosity is most often described as a kangaroo-like creature with the head of a goat; and whose features, combined with its leathery, membranous wings, cloven hooves, and forked tail give it a demonic appearance.  It’s said to also have wickedly clawed hands at the end of unusually small arms.  However, like many cryptids, its appearance widely varies depending on who’s telling the story.  

The Jersey Devil’s origin is unknown, although one particularly popular story involves an old woman and a deal with the devil--the Christian devil, that is.  Many different theories to its origins have arisen over the years, though, from the folkloric to the supernatural.  Sightings of the creature have occurred throughout history, and continue into the present day.  Notable historical sightings include an encounter with Napoleon Bonaparte’s brother, and a heavily publicized flap in 1909.  Whatever the nature and origin of the Jersey Devil, it’s a monster with a long, rich history, and given the continuance of sightings in the modern day, an equally exciting future.