I am just a 25-year-old Turkish girl, born and raised in Frankfurt Germany, and still living with my parents and little sister. I have sculpted monsters since 2016—before that, I was making jewelry out of fimo clay and miniatures, but decided fast that it wasn’t for me! (Both very boring!) I love to use mainly super sculpey to sculpt because it’s very soft, yet holds detail very well! The reason why I love to sculpt monsters is because I am a huge horror movie and monster fan, and I love to watch every new horror movie released at least twice with my father. Together we like to read about legends of haunted houses, weird encounters, cryptids, etc. My very first book was about old legends and tales about werewolves, and since then I’ve loved the dark and unknown! Without fantasy, life would be so boring!



(Frankfurt, Germany)

  • Professional Affiliation: Among Sculptures

  • Education: Self taught

  • Medium & style: Sculpture