Black Eyed Kids

Black Eyed Kids are described as children with an unsettling facial deformity; the sclera, pupil, and iris of their eyes are all solid black.  They are often found in desolate or lonely areas, but have also been reported to show up on unsuspecting victims’ doorsteps.  In all cases they arrive uninvited, and plead to be given some favor by the person they are accosting--if their victim is in a car, they might ask for a ride; if at home, they will ask to be let inside for some reason.  They will appear to be in distress to lure their victims into acceding to their demands, and will grow increasingly hostile if rebuked.  Their true nature and origin is unclear, as are the repercussions one might face from granting them entrance, but eyewitnesses will attest to their otherworldly demeanor and strangely adult mannerisms.  In many cases there is a noted lack of visible emotion.  Speculation as to their true identity ranges from alien hybrids to dastardly demons, but so far the truth remains as elusive as the creepy kids themselves, who are said to mysteriously disappear when access to their victim is refused.