Sasquatch Design.png

Lurking throughout the United States and Canada, the Sasquatch--known colloquially as Bigfoot--has terrified and astonished outdoorsmen and indigenous people alike for as long as there has been anyone around to witness it.  Recognized for its great height, fur-covered body, humanlike physique, and notably big feet, the as-of-yet unconfirmed existence of this mysterious primate is most often marked by a strong scent, eerie howls, knocking sounds, and of course its giant footprints.  Opinions differ among investigators as to the nature of the beast, with theories ranging from the mundanity of an undiscovered native primate species to the incredibility of extraterrestrial or extradimensional origins.  Regardless of its objective reality, Bigfoot remains an elusive enigma that continues to excite the imaginations of both amateur and professional cryptozoologists worldwide.