Vocalist and bassist Mike Huberty and drummer Wendy Lynn Staats met at the University of Wisconsin and they’ve been flying under the mainstream radar ever since playing in the rock band, Sunspot. Touring the country, driving in the dark listening to Coast to Coast AM, and often performing in music venues with ghost stories, Mike and Wendy Lynn decided to turn their late night ghost story conversations into a podcast and as fodder for their musical inspiration. Frequent co-host and contributor Allison Jornlin is responsible for turning Mike into the weirdo he is today, as his sister she would regale him with ghost stories and even once convince him that their childhood home was haunted by a murderous farmer. She turned her twin passions for historical research and ghost stories into a thriving business with Milwaukee Ghosts Tours and Investigations.

Whether it’s putting together DIY tours all over North America, creating their own music videos, theatrical multimedia experiences, or 24-hour live marathon broadcasts from their touring van, Sunspot has embodied the spirit of pushing the edges of entertainment and technology while creating rock anthems that blend the uncanny and fantastic with universal experience. They don’t just sing about adventures, they live them. See You On The Other Side, is a further step in that direction. A podcast that features interviews and discussions of pop culture and paranormal themes, See You On The Other Side, also features a brand new original Sunspot song every week about the paranormal topic they’re discussing. The show might find them investigating a haunted theater, interviewing an author about occult connections to famous artists, or conducting a psychic experiment with their audience. It’s a rock n’ roll expedition into the unknown. Where South by Southwest meets Coast to Coast is where you’ll find Sunspot, blending entertainment, philosophy, and music every week.

Sunspot has shared the stage with Death Cab for Cutie, Andrew WK, and Flaming Lips and the band has won the Wisconsin Area Music Industry’s Artist of the Year, an honor shared with Garbage, the Violent Femmes, and Bon Iver. Their album “Weirdest Hits” (all songs written for the See You On The Other Side podcast) was named Rock Album of the Year at the 2016 Madison Area Music Awards. Frequent co-host Allison Jornlin was named Wisconsin Paranormal Researcher of the Year in 2016.



Mike Huberty and Wendy Lynn Staats (Madison, Wisconsin)

  • Professional Affiliation: Sunspot (band) and See You on the Other Side
  • Medium: Radio/Podcast/Musician