Nina is a Pop Artist and Graphic Designer who grew up in the Blue Mountains (near Sydney, Australia and a UFO hotspot) with her parents, older brother and sister. Creativity runs In the family, with Nina’s father a sound engineer in the music industry, her Mum being an avid crafter and her sister an art therapist. Her interest in all things Alien and Paranormal however, came from her brother, who since the age of 10, believes he is visited by the Greys.

She grew up loving Sailor Moon, Japanese culture and fashion.

Drawing from Age 7

Drawing from Age 7

After high school, Nina began selling numerous canvas custom pop art pieces online but ended up taking a break and working full time. Nina spent 7 years working along side her father in the music industry until shebegan travelling to San Francisco and Tokyo, gaining loads of information and inspiration from these cultures. After travelling, She settled down in Queensland, Australia for 2 years until 9 months ago when she moved back to the Blue Mountains to take up art again and run with her dreams.

Nina is a self taught painter and studied Graphic Design at CATC, Australia.

Currently, she is working on a new wave of art which has been inspired by recent life changing events.


Nina Bartley (Blue Mountains, AUS)

  • Professional Affiliation: Baby and the Greys

  • Education: When I was a child, I was obsessed with drawing, especially aliens. During high school I took up painting and became heavily interested in Pop Art and Pop Culture. After selling art for a while I realised I wanted to study, so I went for and received a diploma of Graphic Design

  • Medium/style: Acrylic and Digital/Psychadelic Pop Art

  • Do you show your work? In the past she has shown work at live music gigs, bookshop windows, cafes, alternative clothing stores.