The Paranormal Art Portal is a place for unusual artists to post their works of paranormal and fortean art.  It's also a community, designed to promote its members and bring their weird visions to the world.  To that end, each artist has been provided with their own page to display samples of their work with links to their personal websites, where you can find even more of their imaginative brilliance.  We're happy to have any visual artist with an interest in the supernatural join us, so if that describes you, then contact us at

September's featured artist, Angel Hawari, was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Growing up so close to New Orleans gave her an eclectic appreciation for curious things, storytelling, and confections. She is primarily an acrylic painter who dabbles with other mediums when ever she can. Her narrative art style is richly saturated in a candy-coated palette that inspires a world teeming with enchanted animals and a growing host of characters based at least in part on people and places in the real world. Angel currently lives in Minnesota with her clever husband, who can cook anything you could ever dream of eating, and their son who is as messily creative as his parents.


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