The Paranormal Art Portal is a place for unusual artists to post their works of paranormal and fortean art.  It's also a community, designed to promote its members and bring their weird visions to the world.  To that end, each artist has been provided with their own page to display samples of their work with links to their personal websites, where you can find even more of their imaginative brilliance.  We're happy to have any visual artist with an interest in the supernatural join us, so if that describes you, then contact us at

March's featured artist is Laura Ketcham, a digital and traditional illustrator from South Carolina. She graduated with a BFA in Illustration from Winthrop University in 2014 and is currently living and working in Baltimore, Maryland. She has an avid interest in the eerie, the swampy, and the unexplained. Growing up fifteen minutes from the home of the Scape Ore Lizardman, it was easy enough to make the plunge into the paranormal and unexplained! Her work often focuses on supernatural themes and the imagery of dreams.


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